Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deepavali 2007 Celebration with Makkal TV

27th October 2007, Chennai. Putera & MASI jointly organised a Deepavali gathering at Red Hills with an open house concept inviting all the other races to attend, our Malaysian food was the main priority to be displayed which was all prepared by the families, a words of Thanks to them. This recording by Makkal Tv almost took place for the whole day eventhough it was rainy day but it was successful. This programme was mainly done to show the local Indians how Malaysians celebrate Deepavali which is different compared to India. This gathering was filled with some entertainment such as group dance, Indian dance, Chinese dance and at last a combined Malaysian tradition dance(Malay, Chinese, Indian). This programme was telecasted on Deepavali day (8th of November 2007) on Makkal TV at 5.30pm and 8.00pm over ASTRO channel 208.

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