Thursday, July 31, 2008

Merdeka Gathering

Chennai, 26 August 2007. The Malaysian Association of South India (MASI) and PuteraMIC Chennai organized a Merdeka gathering in a community hall at the President of MASI, Major Maniam’s residence.

The Vice Consul of Malaysia to Chennai, Ms.Wan Naimah Wan Daud was the chief guest and followed by the Head of Immigration, Mr.Makhan Singh and Asst Trade Commissioner Mr.Mohd Imran. This gathering was participated by Malaysian families and students residing in Chennai. There are number of Malaysians working in the private sectors such as AZRB Construction, TDM Infrastructure, BMW, Nokia, Hyundai and etc. This gathering was also participated by all of them and the members of PuteraMIC.

Most of the families including the Vice Consul prepared delicious Malaysian food where we had a chance of trying various kuih-muih in Chennai, a word of thanks to them. The day was followed by a brain storm session where the participants were divided in groups of 8 consisting of various age. Besides brain storming, the session created a great opportunity of ice breaking as well as cooperation was given a priority in order to grab the prizes.

Besides all that, PuteraMIC Chennai had a wonderful opportunity to promote and spread around the new existence of Putera in Chennai. We made sure all our members and associate members participate as well as help in organising the event. PuteraMIC Chennai Coordinator, E.Venkates Rao took this opportunity to speak personally to all the Government officials including the Vice Consul, and other individuals as well to explain the main objectives and mission of the Putera in Chennai. Everyone were very supportive where most of them have even offered to spare some time personally with him in order to discuss more on the upcoming projects pertaining the students and their contribution. Speaking about PuteraMIC to the General Manager of Taj Hotel, he also offered part time job opportunities for the students which can help them to gain experience as well as being an extra income for them.

This gathering was a real joyous event with all the Malaysian families in Chennai where வி
brand ourself as Keluarga Malaysia.

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