Thursday, July 31, 2008

Global Ambassador - Mr.V.Vighneswaran

January 2008, Chennai. The Putera Team of Chennai Welcomed Mr.Vignesh to Chennai (India) which was his 1st country to visit out of 69 countries.
Mr.Vignesh visited all the Malaysian Government officials in Chennai includes the Acting Consul General, Director of Tourism Malaysia, MATRADE & Vice Consul of Immigration.
He also visited a few Universities such as Ramachandra Medical College, Anna University & etc.

Mr.Vighneswaran Vithiatharan have begin a journey that will make him the most traveled
Malaysian. The first Putera MIC Malaysian Global ambassador will go on a 12-month tour that will take him to 93 universities in 69 countries. This works out to an average of eight universities in six countries a month for the 28-year-old, who is working on a doctorate in economics at
University Malaya
(source: ESAMRAJYAM1)

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