Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Beginning days....

Forming PuteraMIC in Chennai / South India....

When i got back to Chennai after my summer break in 2007 and my appointment to form Putera wing by the National Chief, I did make a point to meet a couple of people (Malaysians) to speak about PuteraMIC and of cource intially people do ask me why form a political organization here and it takes me hours to sit and explain to them wht is PuteraMIC all about and we do concerntrate more on youth development projects and student welfare instead of politics.

Besides students, i needed an elderly person's guidance and i did meet and explain about PuteraMIC to Major Maniam who is the President of the Malaysian Association and South India and he sounded very positive towards forming PuteraMIC and agried to be our advisor.

The Next step, I had identify the guys which can really work with me to form PuteraMIC such as Mr.Anandh who is my current deputy and a few more. That was the first team of people which i had to really mould them to stand for PuteraMIC Chennai and start getting the other Malaysians to join.

Once i had couple of guys assisting me and the others are OK with the idea of PuteraMIC, we did approach the he former Consul General of Malaysia Mr.Rosli to officially inform him on the formation of PuteraMIC Chennai, he sounded very positive as well guided us to create a better system and networking for all the students and advised us to cater for all Malaysian students instead of just a group of guys which he would be able to assist us better. Therefore we did add another clause under our objective to recruit all Malaysian students to work with us with the motive of 'Malaysianism'. We do recruit foreigners as friends of PuteraMIC to work with us.

In Chennai, PuteraMIC is succesfully organising various events and projects with the help of everyone around us who understands and supports our missions.

Once we have got an approval from the Consulate General's Office, we started with our membership drive and followed with organising a few events together with The Malaysian Association of South India (MASI).

by: E.Venkates Rao

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Anonymous said...

God presented an opportunity that seemed impossible... is seems you guys did good job in starting it the great way of doing things